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How to Easily Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Autumn.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Summer to autumn fashion made easy!

(BONUS: This post features sustainable clothing recommendations for the seasonal transition).

Summer to Autumn Wardrobe Transition

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Style Guide: Summer to Autumn 101

The transition period between summer and autumn is confusing. One day you’re sunbathing in your garden, and the next day you’re battling chilly spells armed with blankets and candles. Keeping up with these changes is challenging—especially when it comes to your wardrobe!

As summer turns into autumn, it’s time to put away the open-toed sandals and bikinis (sadly). However, there’s no need to shove every summer piece into the back of your wardrobe just yet.

Staple garments like prairie dresses and midi skirts can also be worn on chilly, autumn days if you know how to style them. After all, adaptable pieces are the key to curating the ultimate transitional wardrobe.

Keep reading for my 5 top tips on how you can transition your summer wardrobe into autumn. What's more, I’ve thrown in some sustainable clothing options if you need to invest in one or two new pieces.

Note: I’ve got a handy blog post on how to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

1. Layer, layer, layer!

I’m going to be honest with you, summer clothing is my favourite. I love the freedom that comes with wearing light and flowy dresses. On the flip side, I can appreciate a chic layered outfit during autumn. This is the basis of my first tip. Layer to make your summer pieces more weather-appropriate.

Only a few garments are needed to make this work. Think lightweight turtlenecks, cardigans, or jumpers. Look out for versatile pieces you can layer up without feeling weighed down by your own clothing.

But how do you layer clothing for autumn? Well, creating different outfit combinations is all part of the fun. (And you can definitely create a mood board to help you out here).

Summer midi and mini skirts look chic paired with rolled-up or cropped jumpers. Also, think you can't wear that cute slip dress or cami top anymore? Think again. Try styling them with a long-sleeved tee or turtleneck underneath. (I also adore cute collared shirts peeking out of v-neck jumpers).

Organic Basic’s TENCEL Lite Turtleneck is a sustainable piece that’ll work with many transitional outfits. Made from eco-friendly wood pulp fibre, you’ll be happy to hear that this turtleneck will keep you nice and snug. It can also be layered under jumpers and shirts for extra warmth.

TOP TIP: Be creative and re-wear your summer dresses as much as you can. Maxi dresses are perfect for autumn as they’ll protect your legs from the wind.

As an example, just imagine how gorgeous this Falcus Dress from Franks London would look paired with heeled boots and a leather jacket! On top of that, it’s made from upcycled fabrics.

2. A statement jacket is key.

Jackets can make or break an outfit. For the summer/autumn transition, you’ll need functional outerwear that goes with the majority of your wardrobe. This could be a versatile denim jacket or blazer to throw-over a variety of outfits. No one likes putting together a cute look and realising they have no outerwear that matches it.

Neutrals are your friend if you want to play it safe. A great transitional piece is a classic beige trench coat — and what I call the quintessential autumn jacket. It'll keep you warm, dry, and goes with just about anything.

This lightweight coat from Solai is an unconventional take on the classic trench coat. The oversized, batwing silhouette means there’s plenty of room to layer clothing underneath.

Another transitional staple is a leather moto jacket. The cropped silhouette will look amazing tossed on top of dresses, jeans, or knits. (I love wearing them with heeled boots and wide leg trousers!) You can thrift this piece from vintage shops like Beyond Retro or Rokit. You don’t have to stick to black either. I’ve found gorgeous variations in every colour of the rainbow.

3. Bring out those darker colours.

Darker colours like deep browns are apt for the summer/autumn transition. Be that as it may, this colour palette doesn't suit everyone’s taste. Some women stick to dark colours regardless of the season, while other women love wearing bright or pastel colours all year round. Mix bright and dark colours to get the best of both worlds. Create cool contrasts by pairing patterns or loud colours with neutral, black, or white pieces.

This Diarte jumper in brick is ideal for autumn. Made from high-quality merino wool, it’s an elegant knit that can be dressed up or down. A worthwhile investment.

On the other hand, bright colours lovers will love Lucy and Yak. This ‘Blake’ Cosy Cropped Fleece has a cheerful, autumnal colour scheme that’ll brighten up your day.

4. Here’s to cute hosiery!

This next tip sounds obvious. Nevertheless, it’s a key ingredient in any transitional wardrobe. I’m talking about tights! Popping on a fun pair of tights will keep your legs snug during breezy autumn days.

You only need a few pairs of tights to optimise your summer to autumn wardrobe. Simply wear them under dresses, skirts, and shorts. You might even go for patterned tights to take your outfits to the next level. Sleek tights with a low denier are great for milder days outside, but you can amp up the denier depending on how chilly it is. Make sure you have a few different thicknesses at your disposal.

Tights aren’t known for their durability. In fact, many women complain of the ladders and holes that magically appear while they’re wearing them. Sadly, this means tights are often thrown away not long after they're purchased. However, they shouldn’t be viewed as single-use items that’ll end up in landfill. This is why it's so important to invest in a few pairs of high-quality tights.

The Legwear Co. has sustainable options built to last. In fact, their 50 Denier Two-Pack is anti-ladder and made from recyclable materials. For pattern lovers, I recommend Swedish Stockings and their Lotta Check Tights. The bougie-looking pattern will make your autumn outfits pop. (They’re also made from recycled materials - 90% polyamide to be exact!)

5. Cover UP those toes.

Comfy shoes are a must-have for autumn. Swap your sandals with a sturdy pair of boots to make your outfits more weather-appropriate. When investing in autumn shoes, make sure to find a versatile and high-quality pair as you’ll want them to last.

For dressier autumn looks, I’m crazy about these Heeled Ankle Boots from Allkind Vegan. Pair them with a flowing midi skirt and a cropped jacket to look instantly put-together. A classic heeled boot is a wardrobe staple that elevates any woman’s wardrobe.

For a more alternative look, check out these Airdeal 5 Big Eye Boots from Vegetarian Shoes. I can totally see these styled in various grunge-inspired outfits. Mix them with plaids or florals for some early 90s perfection. (Also, aren’t those ribbon ties the cutest finishing touch!?)

Vegetarian Shoes Airdeal 5 Big Eye Boots

That’s All Folks!

There you have it. Some easy tips that’ll help you transition your summer wardrobe into autumn. Remember: play around with colours, layers, and make sure you have versatile jackets, shoes, and tights to wear. Having said all that, I’m not asking you to buy a completely new wardrobe. If you’ve still got high-quality pieces from last year, use them. Only buy new clothing when you need it (your wallet will thank you for it).

I hope this article has prepared you for the summer/autumn transition. If you found these tips useful, be sure to share this article using the social buttons below. I also love reading your comments, so leave me one if you’ve got something you’re aching to say.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Holly xoxo @chicandcultural

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