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Pre-fall Perfection: Moschino, Carolina Herrera & Dundas.

Updated: Jan 9

If you just can't wait for the autumn/winter collections next February, it's time to take a look at the 2020 Pre-Fall runways.

This December, fashionistas sure are getting their fair share of early Christmas presents. Fashion houses have been pulling out all the stops to bring us some quality looks.

I thought I'd share a few of my personal Pre-Fall collection picks with you all.


In a subway-meets-runway scenario, Jeremy Scott's 2020 Pre-Fall collection captured the stylistic nuances of a daily train commute in New York City.

On December 9th, at the New York transport museum in Brooklyn, Jeremy Scott held his eagerly awaited Pre-Fall runway. The creative director for Moschino found inspiration from every corner of the city. Be it white-collar tweeds or urban trackies in punchy prints, Scott offers us "a little bit of everything."

Key garments in the collection are of gigantic proportions. Voluminous puffer jackets reign supreme whilst chunky, gold chains are layered on top of each another. A Harlem style windbreaker is transformed into a Rihanna-worthy cocktail dress. Most notably, carry-on bags and baseball caps are enlarged with amusing results.

Fashion addicts on the Twittersphere were left stumped by one big red backpack. A few users were tormented by the thought of someone bringing a bag of that calibre onto a busy commute:

I see the giant backpack as a revolt against the teeny tiny bag trend. Yes, they're adorable - as shown by our collective fascination with Lizzo's itty-bitty bag at the AMA's - but you can't exactly store your daily survival pack in them. Here's to the big red bag. You keep on playing around with fashion Jeremy Scott.

Carolina Herrera.

Gordon Wes brings the idyllic bliss of the countryside - with its fresh fields and blue skies - to the city.

At the Carolina Herrera showroom on December 5th, creative director Wes Gordon unveiled his 2020 Pre-Fall collection. This time, inspiration came from a sentimental place. In a light and airy collection, Gordon recalls the happy times spent with his boyfriend in the countryside. His aim is to bring these joyous feelings back to the stark, city life of Manhattan; even on a work weekday.

To achieve this state of rural bliss, traditionally tailored work silhouettes are softened with curved lines. A stand-out example is a gingham pantsuit in a peaceful, baby blue. To retain a hint of structure in the overall design, the jacket is cinched in with a wide belt and the trousers are tapered. It becomes a set suitable for both work and play.

To keep the collection feeling fresh, Gordon Wes showcases flouncy, floral maxi dresses and evening gowns where excesses of fabric are draped into huge bows. The colour scheme is kept bright to accompany such breezy silhouettes. A few of the frocks look incredible when paired with bursts of movement like in the photos above. A simple way to elevate a gorgeous garment.

Gordon handed out cartons of organic eggs to end the Pre-Fall presentation. A gesture which sums up the entire collection. Of someone reminding us of simpler times in the countryside and how, regardless of what day of the week it is, we can tap into a sense of rural bliss through clothing. Even if only for a little while.


Bougie bohemianism is the best way to describe the latest Pre-Fall collection from haute-brand Dundas.

The Dundas 2020 Pre-Fall collection was revealed on December 11th. For this range, Norwegian designer Peter Dundas was inspired by the glamour of late 70s new Romanticism. It is a fitting point of inspiration. The standalone store in London was once the site of Island Records. That's right, the independent label of which influential bands like Ultravox! and Roxy Music were signed to in the 70s.

Free-spirited, bohemian patterns are injected into disco-length hemlines and lightweight, chiffon fabrics. An aesthetic embodying a sensual and feminine mood. One where the modern woman is free to move in a way she desires. In fact, even the coral pink pantsuit is designed with fluidity in mind. Tied in at the waist by a rope belt, the suit has a relaxed fit that flows down the back of towering supermodel Elsa Hosk.

Rather than just focusing on evening-wear, Dundas forayed into casual looks too. Bell bottoms or printed short shorts are paired with pussy bow blouses for a 'put together' Hippie look. What stood out to me the most was the brand's take on dark blue denim. An eye-catching contrast to the flexibility of other fabrics from the collection. The denim jumpsuit with the sweetheart bodice is simply to die for.

I can't help but notice a few reoccurring motifs. The most common being the matching biba-esque, bandannas and the suede knee high boots. These features most likely stem from the New Romantic influence, where pirate inspired pieces were popular in the 70s thanks to bands like Adam and the Ants. Dundas has pulled together a collection which would make anyone feel like a bohemian rockstar. Let us never turn down the chance for a little bit glamour in our daily lives...

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