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Bride for a Day at the Broome Park Hotel.

Updated: Jan 18

One grand estate in the middle of the glorious Kent countryside.

One diverse wedding photo shoot.

Here's what it was like to model with some incredible creatives.

Before I begin: A list of everyone involved and their Instagram names!

Concept: @bridesbyaina.m Hair & Makeup: @bridesbyaina.m Photographer 📸 : @floberryphoto Videographer 🎥: @meros_productions Venue: @broomeparkhotel @with_love_tye Flowers: @bizzylizzy.flowers Dresses: @victoriagracebridal Hair accessories: @peacock_and_pearl Cake: @simplyirresistiblecakeslondon Wedding planner: @flutterbeemee Balloons: @thinkbubbleparty Props backdrop @bayweddingprops Stationary: @heathercorthinedesign Napkins/chairs: @kc_we_


A Photo shoot to Remember.

Recently, I received a link to a collection of photographs from a wedding shoot I took part in last November. It was so exciting to see the final product.

Once I had looked through each lovely photo, it became clear to me that I had to share them on my blog. After all, this is the perfect platform to show off everyone’s hard work from that day!

Aina - a wonderful bridal hair and make-up artist - invited me to participate after we had worked together on a beauty shoot. My answer was instant. There was no way I’d decline an opportunity to get glammed up. I was more than happy to join in with all the fun.

Some examples of her MUA work.

Now, the concept of a wedding photo shoot was foreign to me. I’ve never been someone who has put much thought into weddings. I don’t have a dedicated wedding Pinterest board, nor have I ever spent much time imagining what kind of venue or dress I’d want in the future.

In my head, I find it much easier to envision myself spread out on the sofa every evening for the next ten years, re-watching Buffy and scoffing down another pack of dried mango (it is the best dried fruit and you cannot change my mind.)

But, it’s difficult to ignore just how important a wedding is for so many couples. It’s a time to celebrate love, and share a memorable experience with family and friends that you will never forget.

So, taking part in the photo shoot gave this single pringle a chance to envisage what it could be like...

Photo taken from the Broome Park Hotel Gallery.

The venue for this beautiful shoot was the Broome Park Hotel in Canterbury. A historical estate dating back to the reign of Charles I. Because of the wind and the rain, the majority of the shoot was taken inside the central mansion house. It was a grand setting indeed.

On the day of the shoot - after me and the other models had our makeup, hair, and styling done upstairs - we all went into the main hall to see the gorgeous displays put together by a range of independent bridal and events companies. What I witnessed was eye-opening. I got to see the wedding industry at its very best - and this wasn’t even a real wedding!

There was a florist arranging grand bouquets of blue and white flowers, an array of colourful balloons, Instagrammable neon lighting, drool-worthy wedding cakes, and decorative tables filled with glasses, plates, napkins, and more. Everything looked incredible. It was great to see so many small businesses come together to create something beautiful.

Without further ado, here are the photos!

(And a glimpse at all the lovely people behind them) <3


All Our Hard work...

Aina doing what she does best!

Introducing Sam the wedding planner from Flutter Bee Mee Events!

All ready!

The beautiful Genevieve looking incredible in this wedding dress supplied by Victoria Grace Bridal! A showstopper look indeed.

Stunning Crystal looks like a Disney princess in this sweetheart gown. She is also rocking a blue veil courtesy of Peacock and Pearl. Never seen anything like it!

I enjoyed my time as a bride in this gorgeous dress, holding the most adorable bouquet by Bizzy Lizzy Flowers. Exquisitely put together.

I was so happy I got to wear the jumpsuit! A great choice if you want to wear something a bit different on your big day. The train was insane. So much fun posing in front of the amazing neon lighting from Bay Wedding Props.

Time to show some close-up details from the shoot. So much thought was put into each arrangement to create something special.

I also recommend Simply Irresistible Cakes as their salted caramel cake is one of the best I've tried. (One of their lovely creations is shown above.)

And here are some lovely photographs of everyone behind the scenes.

(Florence is there, she's just behind the camera!)

Think Bubble Party's balloons were a bundle of fun! I loved this moment as everyone was in high spirits lobbing them around the room. The joy in that photo was not forced.

We made it!

And, to finish with, two amazing video clips put together by Meros Productions. His films really capture a fresh and contemporary wedding spirit. Enjoy!


Signing Out...

Thank you to everyone involved in this shoot. It was a pleasure working with you all!

This was one of the first bits of modelling I took part in so I won't ever forget it.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this and admiring our lovely photos.

See you later,


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